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3 Ways To Prepare La Belle Iloise Canned Seafoods

Here at The Tasteful Selections, we bring you the finest and most sophisticated food experience right at the comfort of your homes. Enjoy the best of France’s Quiberon peninsula with La Belle Iloise canned seafood. Now in their 90th year, La Belle Iloise is known for their seafood and other ingredients sustainably sourced based on their “origin and seasonality.” You can be guaranteed that for every can of La Belle Iloise, you can be treated with the freshest and most delicate taste of Quiberon seafood.  

Here are 3 ways to prepare La Belle Iloise canned goodness:

As tapa or charcuterie board addition

Serve La Belle Iloise flaked tuna with tomato with crackers or baguette to make your wine night extra special. You can also serve our La Belle Iloise Lobster and cognac mousse fresh, as a spread on bread or croutons. 

As pasta or casserole

La Belle Iloise canned soups are also packed with natural flavors. Try our creamy lobster pasta recipe using La Belle Iloise Lobster bisque. You can also try our chicken casserole recipe using La Belle Iloise Shellfish Veloute Soup

As sandwich 

With the finest ingredients, even simple preparations can produce hearty meals. Enjoy the best tuna sandwich that will ever grace your table with La Belle Iloise Tuna and Parmesan rillettes. The perfect marriage of tuna cooked in pork fat and parmesan will surely leave a lasting impression on your palate.  

For our complete selection of La Belle Iloise canned seafoods and soups, visit https://thetastefulselections.com/collections/la-belle-iloise