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Discover the caviar of the Mediterranean and its mode of ancestral conservation-based wax to keep all the flavors

The Maison Memmi was created by Elie Memmi in the 70s in Paris. Since then, the bottarga has remained a 100%
natural artisanal product.

It’s a pocket of mullet eggs, salted, pressed, dried. Wild mullet eggs (Mugil Cephalus) come mainly from Mauritania, Brazil, or the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an ecologically responsible seasonal fishery in perfect harmony with natural resources. The pocket (called rogues) taken from the fish are sorted, calibrated, cleaned, and immediately frozen.

These rogues thus arrive in the raw state at Memmi. Since then, « home-made » know-how is used both for untreated sea salt salting than cold water desalination, followed by delicate pressing and drying. The well-kept secrets add, of course, a lot more to every step of the production not to mention the talent of the
craftsman. After a new sorting and a very precise calibration, the bottarga is vacuum packed or wrapped in wax according to the ancestral methods.

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