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La Belle Collection Gift Set

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This set includes:

  • La Belle- Iloise Saint George Sardines in Olive Oil 69g 
  • La Belle- Iloise Sardines with Tapenade 115g
  • La Belle- Iloise Tuna and Parmesan Rillettes 60g 
  • La Belle- Iloise Sardines with Olive Oil and Green Peppercorns 115g
  • La Belle- Iloise Boneless Sardines with Olive Oil and Lemon 115g
  • La Belle- Iloise Luzienne Flaked Tuna with Espelette Pepper and Bayonne 80g
  • La Belle- Iloise Flaked Tuna with Tomato 80g
  • La Belle- Iloise Flaked Mackerel with Herbs and Menton Lemon 80g
  • La Belle- Iloise Sardines with olives from Nice 115g 

Each holiday gift set is packaged in a premium gift box with gold ribbon and holiday greeting card.


Conserverie la belle-iloise wished to add a more cooked note to the recipe of fish cotriade. In keeping with tradition, we have simmered some fishes (conger, gurnard, mackerel) with vegetables, herbs and white wine. We mix all that in order to get a creamy soup with some fibers, in which we add delicious pieces of hake.


An independent family company
Founded in 1932 by Georges Hilliet just off the fishing port of Quiberon, across from Belle-île-en-Mer, Conserverie la belle-iloise has been producing and distributing tinned fish for more than 85 years.

As it was passed on from generation to generation, Conserverie la belle-iloise has remained a family company. It has pursued its development while remaining loyal to its founding values: those of a family from the fishing port of Quiberon and its setting, the sea…

Bringing you the best of the sea!

Since it was founded in 1932, the DNA of Conserverie la belle-iloise has been to produce and distribute products of irreproachable quality. 

Combining tradition and innovation, the family company continues to uphold its old-fashioned expertise to produce gourmet tinned fish (mainly sardines, mackerels and tuna), while continually pursuing an optimization approach. The objective: to bring you healthy, gourmet products with exceptional flavor!

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