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Curated Trips all the way from Australia

Curated Trips all the way from Australia

With their usual travel spots being inaccessible -- the ski slopes of Aspen, the islands of Croatia, the safari camp of Tanzania -- these connoisseurs of travel are planning to have lavish getaways in their backyard.

Collette Dinnigan is one such individual who curates such travel. She is an interior and fashion designer, author, and conservationist, with her husband Bradley Cocks, a travel expert and adventurer. They spent around 15 years on the South Coast of New South Wales. And for this first exclusive experience share their passion for the land, ocean, the great food, and excellent supplies that originate from there.

The three-day outing features a blend of culinary and creative pursuits and meals at casa Collette.

“It’s about our world and our friends and we’re inviting people into our homes,” she said.

The first experience will only have 10 guests will occur later in the seaside town of Milton. The event highlight is on seafood: collecting lobster with spearfishing champion Ian and Lara Puckeridge, a cooking lesson with chef Guillaume Brahimi, Oyster experience by Ewan McCash, a third-generation oyster farmer. He will teach guests how to perfectly shuck oysters, which are then paired with carefully selected vintage champagne and Polanco Siberian Caviar.

Travel has to have substance now; it has to be relevant to your lifestyle, Cocks said.

Above all, affluent travelers crave privacy and personalization. It's a delicate balancing act, the mix of exclusivity and authenticity, and those that do it well are thriving. 

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