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WX Striploin Kit

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WX Striploin 2 pcs - (400g-450g) Marble score of 5+ . The cut is a combination of tenderness, flavor, and leanness. 
Red Wine Jus 300 mL  Enjoy your steak with a free red wine jus sauce


**SPECIAL FATHER'S DAY PROMO: free Badoit 750mL glass bottle. Packaged in a box with a Happy Father's Day Card. 



DAYS ON FEED (360) All WX by Rangers Valley cattle are allowed to develop naturally and are fed slowly over 360 days. This slow feeding process ensures a natural growth rate, maximizing the natural marbling found in Wagyu cross plus consistency and an outstanding flavor.

MARBLE SCORE SYSTEM Our marble score is graded under the strict guidelines of industry body Aus-Meat. This means a well-established and benchmarked consistency that’s independently assessed.

PARENTAGE 100% Wagyu sire is crossed with a dam chosen from a range of breeds for genetic superiority, environmental adaptability, and ancestral marbling; rather than breed alone. Our breeding partners work with nature to deliberately and artfully choose from the best available animal for each season, resulting in WX offspring – hand-chosen and unique.

HGP FREE In keeping with the Rangers Valley slow-growth philosophy, our WX products are also HGP (hormone growth promotant) free. Instead, our cattle develop naturally without the assistance of added hormones. We believe this natural approach plays a major role in the extremely high eating quality of WX products.



It can be simply heated and used as is spooned over your favorite meat or reduced further, adding ingredients so you can create amazing sauces.

All the hard work has been very carefully taken care of.  We have simply made a quality reduction of our own blend of red wines, added it to our veal stock, and reduced it for a further 12 hours.  Buy Red Wine Jus knowing we never cut corners and only use fresh all-natural ingredients with no additives.

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