DOK Dall' Ava San Daniele Speck 80 g

0.08 kg

Smoked Prosciutto, also known as Speck, is a distinctive juniper-flavored ham that originates at the intersection of two culinary worlds, combining the techniques of Italian salt curing and Central European smoking.

It is obtained from pork legs, boned, trimmed, and subjected to dry salting and natural beech-based smoking before seasoned. The salting takes place for about 10 days and periodically during this phase the massage is carried out to ensure that the meat absorbs the salt evenly.

The Dall’Ava Family has been producing San Daniele D.O.P. Hams since 1955.  They produce 30,000 hams each year.  Dok Dall’Ava only chooses the best legs from Italian certified pigs that are fed with cereal and milk serum.  The legs are brought to the factory directly from the slaughterhouse fresh within two days.  They are checked, registered, and covered only with Sea Salt which comes from the natural park of Santa Margherita (Puglia).  After two weeks they are ready to be dried in the traditional manner.  Each ham is processed for a period of no less than 400 days and finally sold with the Brand Prosciutto di San Daniele.

Tasting notes: Aromatic, savory, slightly smoked


    DOK Dall'Ava San Daniele
    Cut  Machine Cut
    Region  San Daniele del Friuli, Italy
    Storage  Max +4 °C

     80 g

    Shelf Life 120 days, once opened must be consumed within 1 day.