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Gillot Camembert Small w/ Truffle Raw Milk 150g

150 g

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Soft cheese with raw milk, flowery rind.
Once matured to perfection, with a delicate bloomy rind and a meltingly-soft texture, it is cut in half and a mouth-watering mixture of cream and black truffle is spread on it. The savoury lactic flavours of the Camembert offer a beautiful contrast to the rich long-lasting flavours of the truffle.


  • Milk collected within 30km around the cheese dairy from our responsible producer.
  • It answers to the quality standard of international business.


 Fromagerie Gillot
Milk Type   Cow
Cheese Type  Flowery Rind
Region  Normandy France
Storage 4°C + 8°C

 150 g

Shelf Life  66 days
Expiry Date  Nov. 30, 2021


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