Polanco Siberian Grand Cru Reserve Caviar (30g)

0.03 kg

Polanco® Siberian Grand Cru Reserve is a traditional dry salted caviar that will guarantee a real tasting pleasure and unique experience.

This reserve Caviar is the Top 5% selection of the Siberian Reserve. The bigger eggs and shades of lighter colors are selected in this exclusive product.

Well balanced slightly sweet flavor. Butter and nut flavors of caviar perfectly matured in original tins. Elegance and power.

Its eggs offer a delicate texture in your mouth with a lingering flavor and buttery notes, due to its maturing process handled carefully in 1.7 kg mother tins for 2 to 4 months before its final repacking just before delivery to our customers. 


Country of Origin Uruguay
Net Weight 30g
Transport/Storage Keep between -4 to +4 ° C (25 – 39 ° F)