Classic Bottarga (100g - 120g)

0.1 kg

Classic bottarga is also known as Boutargue Classic Calibre.

The flagship of the collection, coated with paraffin wax and beeswax or vacuum, it's marketed according to its caliber per kilo.

Discover the caviar of the Mediterranean and its ancestral tradition of wax packaging to retain all the flavors of the Bottarga. It has a subtle sea flavor that is extremely pleasing to one's taste buds. 

Bottarga is produced from the unopened egg sacs of the grey mullet. Deliciously served on toast. 


The bottarga is best served and enjoyed at room temperature in order to take advantage of its soft texture and flavor.

Whether vacuum-packed or coated with wax, it can be easily cut with a knife that has a very sharp blade smooth blade as to not crush the delicate eggs and to obtain thin slices. 

Use the right knife with a smooth and sharp blade, and above all to avoid the knife with a serrated blade which could cause the precious eggs to explode inside the roe 

Coating Agent: Paraffin/Beeswax 

Storage: At room temperature 24 ° C (maximum) or in the fridge between 4 ° C / 6 ° C

Ingredients: Wild Mullet Eggs and Untreated Seasal 

Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acid