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Fromagerie Gillot

Founded in 1912 on the site it has occupied for a century, in the heart of the Ornais bocage. At its head, six families have succeeded each other to make traditional Norman raw milk cheeses

We’re bringing in the unique flavors of French Gastronomic heritage with Brie, Camembert, and more!

D.O.K. Dall’Ava

DOK Dall'Ava ham factory, designed in-house by Carlo and Natalino side by side over many years and built-in record time in 2006. avant-garde in the world of hams because the best techniques have been used to recreate the climate that Natalino found in San Daniele in 1960 when hams were made exclusively with the use of the seasons. "The best techniques at the service of tradition". This Prosciutto is at the forefront in the world of hams.

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